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>Good bye Vince

>Thanks for all the good wishes for DD. She is now encased in a blue cast & staggering around on crutches. We spent HOURS at the hospital today so I managed to get some knitting done which was the only good thing about it. Vince went to the vets this afternoon & is now no […]

>Happy Gotcha Day Vince

>It’s mine ALL MINE! If I could just lift it up.. whoops….. wedge my foot here…. Got it! Bye!

>Update on bad news

>Finally an update on all our bad news. DH collected his mum just over a week ago & she was pottering around very sore & bruised but just about managing. DD was visiting every day after school whilst I cooked her dinner as MIL lives 8 doors from us & both SIL & I were […]

>Bad news

>We got a phone call last night from my MIL. She has been walking the Coast to Coast walk from St Bees to Robin Hoods Bay. Just over the half way mark her & her walking companion were walking in Swaledale on Sunday afternoon when they had an accident. MIL was just stepping over a […]

>Hamster on tour

>Vince strutting her stuff At the window A girl needs her beauty sleep Her Official residence 2/7/6 edited to add: Thank you James

>One of Each

>When I picked DD up from school today I didn’t have a Tracy waiting for me but a quiet, calm child – too quiet. Realising that something was amiss, I asked about her day & was amused to discover that she’d lost one shoe! One shoe – how on each do you lose one shoe? […]

>The Fugitive is apprehended at dawn……

>Vince I woke up at 3 a.m. this morning after having a horrific dream that Vince was trapped in DD’s net bag (which holds her swimming training aids) with a huge snake. DH & I had been arguing about who was going to put their hand into the bag & save her. He was arguing […]


>Vince is still Absent With Out Leave. She ate some hamster seed & a piece of fresh pea on Monday night & some cheese yesterday whilst I was at work. Last night we set up a trap (thanks for all the suggestions) – namely a huge glass vase that my FIL gave me YEARS ago, […]

>SOS – Vince is missing

>Vince ‘Somebody’ left the cage open & she’s gone! DD is destraught & crying her eyes out. We’ve left a small pile of bedding material out with some food & are hoping that she’ll help herself tonight so at least we’ll know that she’s still around. If anybody has any better suggestions I’d love to […]

>Stashalong – here I come……

>I’ve mentioned previously that I have a lot of yarn – far too much in DH’s opinion. We have a small house & the yarn used to be stashed all over the house, loft etc but now fits into 6 big boxes: my stash There is a box ontop which contains yarn that I got […]

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