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Cosy evening…

There was a lot of excitement here an hour ago as we’ve lit the woodburner for the first time this winter: DD was bouncing around in delight as she LOVES the woodburner and the cosy atmosphere it creates. Of course the first lighting had to be accompanied by The Gilmore Girls for full effect: As […]

Still here…

Life is a bit crazy at the moment. My husband has a slipped disc and is off work. He’s unable to sit so has to lie on the bed, floor or stand which also causes him pain. He’s desperately missing cycling but the Tour de France has helped a bit. My daughter (now 16, how […]

Seabreeze Socks

  Time taken to knit: February 1st 2012 t0 March 28th 2012 Needles: 2.25mm Pattern: David’s Toe-up Sock Cook Book Knitted as usual 2 at a time toe up on 2x 80cm circular needles. I spent months trying to find a pattern that didn’t cause the colours to pool and flash but gave up & […]

Courthouse Steps Blanket

Courthouse Steps BlanketPattern: Courthouse Steps Blanket from Mason Dixon Knitting Yarn: Anchor Magicline. 12x 50g in Pink (1462) & 6.5 x 50g in Green (1478) Needles: 4.5mm Time taken to knit: 15th May 2010 to 2nd February 2012. Size: 99cm x 96cm Courthouse Steps BlanketI started this blanket when I was in LOT of pain […]

Pimp my vest…

I found a small hole recently on one of our duvet covers. Superking pure cotton duvet covers aren’t cheap so I decided to repair it. As the duvet cover is a solid lilac colour I chose a scrap of a pretty purple floral fabric. Using the hearts die for my Accuquilt I applied bondaweb to […]

Essential Tweed socks

Toe Up socks in Knit Picks Essential TweedPattern: David’s Toe Up Sock Cookbook Yarn: Knit Picks Essential Tweed in Plum (now discontinued) Needles: 2mm Time taken to knit: 21st January 2011 to 2nd June 2011 Toe Up socks in Knit Picks Essential TweedThe yarn was a present from my friend CL in Canada a few […]

>A few knitted stitches

>are being done here amongst the sewing. Toe up, two at a time socks This photo was taken at the weekend and they have grown since then. The yarn is Knit Picks ‘Essential Tweed’ in Plum which I think is discontinued now. It came from deep in my stash and was a present from my […]

>Some knitting for a change

>My mojo deserted me for a while (again) but at last I have finished something: Jacques Cousteau Hat for DH Pattern: Jacques Cousteau Hat Yarn: Wendy Mode DK in Denim shade 227Needles: 3.5mmTime taken to knit: November 8th 2010 to January 15th 2011 Jacques Cousteau Hat decrease I made him another hat last winter and […]

>Stop Press

>There is a knitted Finished Object in the blueadt house! Washing and blocking needs to be carried out before photographic evidence can be provided but the rumour has been confirmed by a reputable source. So in the meantime Frankie says Relax…..

>Drops Shawl

>Drops Shawl in Noro Silk Garden Sock Pattern: Drops Design 120-4 shawl in ”Delight” with lace pattern .Yarn: 533g of Noro Silk Garden Sock in S269.Needles: 3.75mm circularMade for: Me Size: I increased to 490 stitches before introducing the second lace section. Time taken to knit: August 4th – November 14th 2010. Drops Shawl in […]

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