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>Goodbye 2007

>Well looking back it’s been an eventful year for us: We sold our old house and moved. Had leaks through the kitchen ceiling, coped with a broken foot & flooding. I had to abandon our car due to the depth of the water & the roads were impassable near my office but fortunately our new […]

>We’ve moved!

>Well we’re here at last. We survived the move & whilst stressful on the day it went without any major hitches. On moving day itself we still haven’t finished removing our stuff from the old house by mid-day but we’d already completed & our buyer was screaming for the keys. As he’s not due to […]

>At last

>We’re sorted with the house. After a horrible week of much anguish & stress we finally exchanged contracts this morning & are completing & moving on Thursday. Our buyer has been ‘difficult’ to say the least & I just hope that I never meet him as I don’t trust myself to be civil. However we’ve […]

>Unhappy Mothers Day

>Before I had children I had visions of quality time spent with my child/ren, painting & other messy fun when small & other more grown up but equally enjoyable activities as they got older. I knew that there would be strops & other ‘difficult’ times but didn’t ever think that I’d have days like yesterday. […]

>No progress yet

>on our moving saga. For once the delay is not caused by our nightmare buyer but by the use of the wrong letterhead on an essential piece of paperwork & the subsequent sluggishness of a vital clog in the wheel. So exchange of contracts still hasn’t taken place but both we and our vendors are […]


>I’ve been quiet on here as we’ve got lots going on at home. Our house move is finally progressing. Lets just say our buyer was ‘dragging his heels’ BIG style. So much so that early last week I thought the whole chain had fallen apart but he’s now playing ball. We’re expecting to exchange contracts […]

>Update on stressed dogs

>Thank you everyone for the lovely comments in the last post. I’ve worked out that it was probably Annie who ate my notions bag. She’s always been a bit of a stress head & doesn’t have much confidence. Blue is full of confidence & an alpha whereas Annie is at the bottom of the pack […]

>New blogger

>I’ve finally managed to move over to the new blogger but had to unsub from the Scarf Style KAL to do it. Now I need to sign up again & work my way around the new features. I also finally found all the comments that went AWOL a year ago – a grand total of […]

>New Year, New Start!

>Finally after our disastrous Christmas I’ve got some good news: We’ve got a buyer for our house & have had an offer accepted on one we like The slight hitch is that the buyer is already a pain but the Estate Agent is being firm so hopefully she’ll keep him on track. So DD will […]

>No knitting going on

>For a knitting blog this is getting rather sad as I’m hardly able to knit The offical diagnois is Tendonitis in both my forearms & I’ve still got a lot of related pain in my hands & wrists. I’ve been having treatment but it’ll take time for the inflamation to go down. To make matters […]

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