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Merry Christmas

I’ve been meaning to write a post for ages but never found the time.  Life has been busy since my last post. Yesterday was the second anniversary of my accident yesterday and although I’m not yet back to normal yet I have made good progress. I was discharged from both the hospital and Physio in […]

>Spring at last

> We’ve got a mini heatwave going on which is lovely after such a harsh winter. Lots has been going on in our garden including a new greenhouse so I’m hoping for a good crop of tomatoes and want to make vast batches of pasata to bottle up for the winter. . Both knitting and […]

A year later

Today a year ago I had an an accident. Due to it initially being diagnosed as a sprain I didn’t see a physio for a few months. The first consultant told me I’d be walking within 3 months which proved to be too optimistic. Finally after 4 months I had a full diagnosis: Bone bruising […]

>Still here

>In 3 days time it’ll be 6 months since my accident. I have been discharged by the physio & am allowed to drive again which is great as I hated being dependant upon other people to ferry me around. However the physio thinks it’ll take another 5 months or so until I’m back to normal. […]


>For the first time in a long time I’ve got something to celebrate. Today in addition to it being St George’s Day it’s also my birthday. I haven’t been in the mood to celebrate but my husband and daughter decided to ignore that and have spoilt me rotten. DH bought me an amazing Sewing Machine, […]

>12 weeks plus

>I’m finally starting to get better. The horrendous pain has eased and now instead I’ve just got pain and discomfort. I am ‘walking’ wearing the leg brace and using crutches and am actually bearing weight on my right leg! Now my problem relates to the range of movement, or lack of, in my knee. The […]


>I’ve got bruised bones (tiny little fractures under the surface of the bone that don’t show up on x-rays) with grade 2 medial ligament damage. In the long term this is good news as I don’t need an operation and shouldn’t have any long term effects. However in the short term it isn’t good as […]

>10 weeks

>after my accident and I’m still here: Sat in exactly the same chair wearing the same brace with the red cushion under my knee. The only improvement in this time has been the pain relief that I rely on. Any early morning visitors will hear my alarm clock as it goes off at 4 a.m. […]

>A month later

>and I’m still here sat on my butt in same the chair. The brace is still on and I really hate it. The crutches/brace give me blisters and I’m hobbling around. Being in constant pain definitely gives life a different edge and my priorities have changed. It’s now an ordeal to do anything and I […]

>Out with the old

>Perhaps to be expected we didn’t have the best Christmas or New Year celebrations. 2009 was a difficult year for our family on many levels most of which isn’t to be shared here. 2008 was also hard on us so we could really do with a change this year…. Knitting is taking place but I’ve […]

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