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>Keep Warm in winter

>The weather is due to get worse in the next 24 hours across most of the UK. We’ve only had one bout of snow so far but it’s been VERY cold. So here’s something to make you all feel warm and cosy. DH filmed our Wood Burning Stove earlier this afternoon and I think it […]

>Out with the old and in with the new…..

>It’s official my DH is a star! Over the past 4 days he’s worked VERY hard to fit our new boiler. That involved plaster boarding the wall that it was to go on, fitting gas and water pipes to the new location (new extension) and making good the knackered plumbing done by previous owners/plumbers. Our […]

>I’m grateful

>that DH took the time to install our Wood Burning Stove as our central heating boiler is dying. We’re trying to keep it limping along for the hotwater so have no other forms of heating apart from the Stove & an oil filled radiator in DD’s bedroom. He’s currently building a small extension which would […]

>Keeping warm

>After this post DH & I decided to spend some of our saving on a Wood Burning Stove so that we could save on our fuel costs. Wood Burning Stove* Luckily DH was able to install it which greatly reduced the cost. So far we haven’t had a problem sourcing wood & we’re using the […]

>Feeling the pinch…..

>As I’m sure many others also experiencing we’re noticing that things are getting more & more expensive here in England. The media are talking the country into a recession & everything is affected. I work in sales & have definitely noticed a reduction in market confidence in the past 6 months. Equally prices of almost […]

>Goodbye 2007

>Well looking back it’s been an eventful year for us: We sold our old house and moved. Had leaks through the kitchen ceiling, coped with a broken foot & flooding. I had to abandon our car due to the depth of the water & the roads were impassable near my office but fortunately our new […]


>We’re now discovering what our new house is like in winter & it’s not good. The previous owners, as well as being mucky & incapable of housework didn’t do any maintenance hence the knackered bathroom & now we’re discovering that the house is freezing. The windows are double glazed but are old & the seals […]

>Before & After

>Yesterday we were all very busy in blueadt land. Annie using Blue as a pillow & watching with her one good eye I was fed up with the dogs stinking so they visited the bath & the grooming table: Annie & Blue Blue protested as per usual but is now very happy with herself & […]

>Our weekend

>DD & I spent a nice weekend in the company other other like minded fiber enthusiasts at the Parent & Child Rowan Workshop. It was our second time & after the fun we had last year we were both looking forward to it. DD was much more pleasant to be with & we both had […]

>Happy Birthday to me!

>Today in England it is St George’s Day & more importantly, to me at least, it’s my birthday. I don’t believe in working on ‘my day’ so took a days holiday from work & planned to just chill but it didn’t quite go to plan. The requirements of a new bathroom interrupted so some time […]

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