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>Stash musings

>Again I can’t post information or photos of what I’m knitting due to the pending festive celebrations. So instead I’ll talk about something close to many knitters hearts: STASH! I have a big stash. There I’ve said it upfront & am being totally honest with myself & you all. The last four months on a […]

>The scurge of gift knitting

>Anybody reading this blog recently will think that I’ve just been busy with cats, kittens & hedgehogs. Whilst they have been taking my time other things have been happening but sadly not all are blog-able at least not yet. With Christmas just a few weeks away I’ve been planning & casting on projects via Ravelry […]

>Just popping in to say hi

>I’m still around but just stupidly busy. We’ve being working on the garden today & cutting hedges back etc before winter & yesterday was spent turning two ‘Stinkin’ ‘dales into beautiful fluffy bouncy dogs who are feeling very chuffed with themselves. I’ve also been planning what we’re doing regarding Christmas presents. As our new mortgage […]

>Quick post

>We’re going away in the morning for a few days. I’m nearly ready but have spent the evening crocheting so now need to get moving & do the last few jobs before I can hit the sack. I got my Ravelry invite two weeks ago & it’s a fantastic site. If you haven’t already signed […]

>The suspense is killing me…..

># You signed up on June 6, 2007# You are #7310 on the list.# 16 people are ahead of you in line.# 14246 people are behind you in line.# 33% of the list has been invited so far I go back to work on Monday & want to spend some time ‘playing’ whilst I can.

>An update

>Prompted by an email this morning from Miss Malice I thought I’d let you all know that DH is now getting better. He originally had a Doctors appointment for Thursday morning but I pushed to have it moved to Wednesday evening. If that hadn’t been done I think he would be in hospital now as […]

>Ignorance is bliss

>Thanks to Donna I know know that I’ve got AGES before my Ravelry invite arrives: Found you! * You signed up on June 6, 2007 * You are #7310 on the list. * 1820 people are ahead of you in line. * 8984 people are behind you in line. * 33% of the list has […]