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Bright tumbling quilt

A long time ago, (Boxing Day 2011 to be precise) I started playing with the Accuquilt that I had got for Christmas the day before.  I had nestled in my stash a pretty set of 5 fat quarters that Arianwen gave me as a birthday present a year or so back.   The 5 patterned […]

Baby gifts

Regular readers may remember that I decorated some baby vests (or onesies if you’re in the States) a few months ago. They were very well received and I was asked to do some more. However this time I decided to be a bit braver and instead of using my Accuquilt I played around with some […]

A busy weekend

A few weeks ago I bought 2 bags of fabric scraps from The Quilt Room as obviously I had to replenish the dent that my recent endeavours have made on my bag of scraps: The fabrics included a few bits from a variety of Moda jelly rolls and over the weekend they became hexagon flowers: […]

Scrap hexagons

Despite my lack of blogging I have been using up scrap fabrics. The Accuquilt has proven to be very useful and a hexagon quilt has started to reveal itself: It’ll be a long term project as each hex is 1.5″ across once sewn up. They’re pretty addictive though…

Scrap Challenge update

So far I’ve reduced my bag of fabric scraps by nearly a quarter and have lots of shapes to use: From top left going across, 5″ squares, mini tumblers, 4.5″ squares, 5″ hexagons, 2.5″ squares, 2.5″ half square triangles, 3″ hexagons & 2″ hexagons. Anything smaller than the 2″ hexagon is going and will be […]

Scrappy Challenge

After reading this magazine I set myself a challenge: (Yes that is the Tumbler quilt underneath but it’s not quite finished yet so let’s move on.) I have a bag overflowing with scrap fabrics. Some from my own projects and others from bags sold as a pick & mix, (I can’t resist a bag of […]

Bagsket and more

Recently I took part in an Easter swap.  I spent some time researching my recipient and discovered that she knits mainly cardigans and large shawls.  She also has two young cats. So I started thinking about what I could make her and the cats gave me an idea. I made her a Bagsket, a project […]

Pimp my vest…

I found a small hole recently on one of our duvet covers. Superking pure cotton duvet covers aren’t cheap so I decided to repair it. As the duvet cover is a solid lilac colour I chose a scrap of a pretty purple floral fabric. Using the hearts die for my Accuquilt I applied bondaweb to […]

From one charm pack….

Last weekend I did some sewing. It was my MILs’ birthday 2 days before DHs’ and what do you get someone who has everything? So I made her a present: Quilted Tote BagPattern: Mad Quilters’ Quilted Tote Bag Fabric: 22 5″ charm squares of Moda Glace (which was given to me by a very lovely […]

Twisted pleated project bag

I’m trying to catch up with my sewing projects as I’ve made loads of things but forgot to blog about them. I made this bag in November for Jacky on the Crafty Threads ‘n’ Yarns Forum in a birthday swap. Twisted Pleated drawstring bagIt was a bit intimidating making her something to be honest as […]

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