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>Hot Socks Swap

>Just before we decided to move & life suddenly went barmy I signed up for the Hot Socks Swap. Then as the deadline approached with a chance to pull out I realised that I’d be stupidly busy & should I really do this but I decided to go for it & I’m really glad I […]

>My ‘Not So Secret’ Pal Does it again!

>I’m going to be really cruel now & briefly tell you about the fantastic present that I received this evening from Piglottie aka My ‘Not So Secret Pal’. It’s beautifully soft, no that’s not enough, exquisitely soft & I want to sit here & stroke it all night – ohh urgh that sounds dodgy doesn’t […]

>it was envitable….

>Before we went away I purchased my August yarn so I was determined NOT to buy any whilst we were away. Hah! I was kidding myself. When we were nearly at the campsite I sent a text to a friend (who I know now to be an enabler) as I couldn’t remember if the excellent […]

>Thank you Devon Knitter

>My One Skein Pal has proven herself to be a star again. Last week I mentioned that I’d received a parcel – I’m really sorry that it’s taken so long to share it & want to apologise to my pal. One Skein Pal card & chocolates DD loved the card & laughed her head off. […]

>Woolfest 2006 – warning lots of images

>I went to Woolfest yesterday with Susoolu & Puplet & had a great time. There were LOTS of rare breeds of sheep on display plus other fibre producing animals. I can’t remember all the breeds but will add them in as I find out what they are: Curly Horned Sheep Curly Horned Sheep after shearing […]

>Stash Enhancement Exercise

>When we went to Buxton on holiday recently my own ‘agenda’ apart from relaxing & chilling out was to explore the LYS’s. DH felt the same re relaxing (not the LYS) but didn’t mind accompanying me. On the first day that we went into Buxton I explored a shop that I’d found last year called […]


>On Friday I collected the two parcels that were waiting for me. The first was from Emily & contained yarn in swap for some Debbie Bliss Aran Tweed & the tweed collection in a recent destashing exercise. She sent me this for DD: Red & Black Opal silk Auntie Mart Angora – ‘Strawberry Filled Chocolate’ […]

>One Skeins….

>When I came home yesterday I had to push my way in past the volume of post mounted up behind the front door. Amongst the standard bills, offers for loans & other boring paper bin fodder, a parcel sat waiting with my name on. Immediately DD started to whinge that she never gets parcels but […]


>I’ve been having a long hard think about my stash recently. I know most knitters would say that you can never have too much yarn but I have – for me. It was brought home to me with Lady Eleanor as I’m enjoying this yarn & pattern & it’s growing fast, very fast. Whereas the […]

>On the needles….

>It’s about time I had some photos as it’s looking a bit dull here so prepare for a run down of what I’m doing at the moment: First off – surely to be expected Lady Eleanor from Scarf Style 3 Tiers of Lady Eleanor I tried to leave the yarn in a bag & finish […]

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