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>Crazy week

>I’ve had a hell of a week & am finally glad to be back home again. I spent the first 3 days of the week away with work. Lets just say; long days, sore feet, aching back and hotel rooms. Factor in an evacuation of the hotel just as I was dropping off to sleep, […]

>Thanks again Devon Knitter

>I also had the pleasure of being spoilt by my One Skein Pal Devon Knitter – have you got a blog? Firstly a book I’ve been dying to read for ages & a beautiful card: Knits End & North Ronaldsay Sheep card My pal has family in the Orkneys & she bought the card & […]

>Belated thanks to pals

>Before I can rattle on about what is or isn’t otn at the moment I owe two very special people a thank you & recognition for spoiling me rotten Now in the order that they arrived – let the first parcel be revealed! Firstly from Dee of Princess Deia who was my SP8: Secret Pal […]

>Exchanges – a partial reveal

>My Secret Pal finally revealed herself to me a few days ago; she is Dee of Princess Deia & has spoilt me rotten. My last parcel is waiting for me at work & I’ll get it tomorrow. So I’ll no doubt be in torture all day as she always wraps things so beautifully that I’ll […]

>My ‘Not So Secret’ Pal Does it again!

>I’m going to be really cruel now & briefly tell you about the fantastic present that I received this evening from Piglottie aka My ‘Not So Secret Pal’. It’s beautifully soft, no that’s not enough, exquisitely soft & I want to sit here & stroke it all night – ohh urgh that sounds dodgy doesn’t […]

>Farewell for now….

>We’re going away tomorrow morning to spend two weeks in the caravan in Coniston. The first week will be really busy as we’re with DH’s mum, sister, BIL + their 3 children. The second week is just the 3 of us & I know that we’ll need it after such a busy noisy time. Lots […]

>Thank you Devon Knitter

>My One Skein Pal has proven herself to be a star again. Last week I mentioned that I’d received a parcel – I’m really sorry that it’s taken so long to share it & want to apologise to my pal. One Skein Pal card & chocolates DD loved the card & laughed her head off. […]

>Thank you Secret Pal

>My SP has done it again. A beautifully wrapped parcel sent to tempt me but I was strong & waited until a pictures had been taken: Presents from my Secret Pal My pal is a whizz at card making & I now know that also applies to wrapping paper too – look here for a […]


>When I wrote about my Not So Secret Pal & the presents that she gave me I missed one out so here it is: blue paw print stitch markers However she didn’t realise the significance of these. Blue is named after a cartoon dog (full explanation here) and this cartoon dog & his friends solve […]

>My ‘Not So Secret’ Pal

>In this round of Secret Pal I was sending to a woman who frustrated me. She wasn’t good at communicating & often took a days to reply to emails. She received her parcel but took a couple of days to tell me & as it was an overseas posting I was very worried that she […]

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