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>Yesterday I read a something that really struck a cord with me. For the past few months I’ve been rambling about the house & the grease as I can’t reveal what I’m knitting. I started something back in February for DH which got put on hold big style due moving house but it’s back on […]

>Unknown yarn

>When I went to Coldspring Mill last week I picked up a bag of beautiful yarn but don’t know what it is: unknown purple yarn It was sold as pure wool & definitely feels like it but I’ll have to do a burn test to be sure. I suspect it might be Twilleys Freedom Spirit […]

>Crazy week

>I’ve had a hell of a week & am finally glad to be back home again. I spent the first 3 days of the week away with work. Lets just say; long days, sore feet, aching back and hotel rooms. Factor in an evacuation of the hotel just as I was dropping off to sleep, […]

>exhausted & puzzled

>I’ve spent ALL day with DD at a swimming gala. We got up at 5.30 a.m. & got collected at 6.15 by another parent as we’d agreed a car share. 12 hours were spent in the Sports Complex & she competed in 7 events. I’m totally shattered & she took herself off to bed an […]

>Inane comments

>We’ve all had them, stupid idiotic comments by non-knitters. To put this in context, the gala on Sunday was pants. I won’t go into it here but lets just say that it was the worst we’ve ever been to & DDs’ club are putting in a formal complaint. I had already had a ‘heated discussion’ […]

>This weekend

>I groomed the dogs, DD won 2nd place in 50m Backstroke and 5th in 50m Frontcrawl, I knitted and DH took photos


>DH & DD got up at 6 a.m this morning to go walking with his mother & her friend in Farndale, North Yorkshire but I stayed in bed as I had other plans for the day. FarndaleThey had planned to do the daffadil walk but it has been cold recently & spring has been late […]

>Domestic goddess? – I think not

>DD’s school held a summer fair today but she was already entered for a swimming gala. The school asked for parents to held man stalls etc. I didn’t offer anything for obvious reasons but when another letter was sent out saying that the fair might not go ahead due to a lack of parental support […]

>A bit of good news & galas

>Partially good news re my clippers. They can be repaired bad news is that it’ll cost £86 which I haven’t got. But that’s cheaper than a new pair AND they’re being sent back to me at no cost guaranteed delivery for tomorrow before 12 noon!!! So I can get the dogs brushed, washed & dried […]

>Busy weekend

>I bit the bullet & ripped the poncho yesterday. DD was training yesterday for two hours so I was able to start again. The pattern calls for 6.5mm needles which I don’t have. I had swatched using 6mm & 7mm & the latter got the guage. I was hoping that I’d be able to use […]