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>It’s cold tonight

> so we’ve lit the fire possibly for the last time before the autumn. Oscar approves. Published with Blogger-droid v1.6.8

>It goes on……

>The snow is getting deeper and it’s getting colder….

>Poor old girl

> Annie didn’t enjoy her walk this morning as she had to plod through 16″ of snow. She’ll be 10 years old next April and is slowing down.Oscar at 3 years of age had a fantastic time…. However this information is second hand as my knee isn’t yet up to walking in snow so my […]

>Winter wonderland

> It snowed heavily over night & is still coming down. I’ve been trying to keep the bird feeders full and clear of snow but am fighting a losing battle. This morning Oscar bounced through a foot of snow whereas poor Annie plodded. Neither were impressed with the bucket of warm water I dipped their […]

>Still chugging away……

> The end is in sight but it seems a long way off. I’ve reached 430 stitches and need to keep going to 490 before I introduce the second lace section. I love the colours and know I’ll enjoy the end result but I’m bored of garter stitch at the moment.

>Knitting again

> After a too many mistakes caused by pain and a painkiller induced drug fog I had stopped but now the needles are clicking again…. ETA I take that back, the socks are being frogged as I haven’t got enough yarn, yet another bad decision. Anybody want to give me a good price for my […]

>All Mumped Out

>I felt really tired last week & put it down to the new job, early starts with the dogs etc. On Friday night I went to bed early & was a bit puzzled to notice that my face was puffy in front of my ears. The next morning it had swollen up like a hamster […]


>I feel as if I’m slowly regaining my life. The past couple of months have been pretty bleak & black for me. The famous black dog bit me by the ankle & wouldn’t shift however hard I tried. I found it really hard being out of work & even worse signing on to claim my […]


> for a friend…

>Poor DH……

>he has been sick this week, VERY sick. He has had a problem for the past two years after eating rich food or bread. I’ve been dieting for 15 months & this has really helped him. He started throwing up on Monday after we had eaten with friends on Sunday afternoon. Then he seemed to […]

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