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Cosy evening…

There was a lot of excitement here an hour ago as we’ve lit the woodburner for the first time this winter: DD was bouncing around in delight as she LOVES the woodburner and the cosy atmosphere it creates. Of course the first lighting had to be accompanied by The Gilmore Girls for full effect: As […]

Preparing for winter

> We’ve been busy over the past couple of months chopping and splitting wood to burn on our wood burner. I’m not sure if we’ve got enough for the whole winter but I think we’ll be ok for a bit. We’ve had our wood burning stove for 3 winters and since then it’s snowed each […]

>It’s cold!

>We’ve got snow and the dogs are enjoying it…. However Oscar didn’t want to play with anything else apart from his ball this morning and barked his head off when it wasn’t thrown quick enough. We’re enjoying our wood burning stove and our wood shed is full of seasoned logs so if the cold weather […]

>Summer Evenings

> Some might think that we’re missing our Wood Burning Stove….

>Keep Warm in winter

>The weather is due to get worse in the next 24 hours across most of the UK. We’ve only had one bout of snow so far but it’s been VERY cold. So here’s something to make you all feel warm and cosy. DH filmed our Wood Burning Stove earlier this afternoon and I think it […]

>I’m grateful

>that DH took the time to install our Wood Burning Stove as our central heating boiler is dying. We’re trying to keep it limping along for the hotwater so have no other forms of heating apart from the Stove & an oil filled radiator in DD’s bedroom. He’s currently building a small extension which would […]

>Home At Last…..

>Annie pleased to be home She was happy to leap into the car & ran into the house. Her bed has been slept on, the new mat in front of the fire tested & Oscar’s bed sampled. She’s currently back in front of the fire totally stretched out & snoozing. It must be like being […]

>Keeping warm

>After this post DH & I decided to spend some of our saving on a Wood Burning Stove so that we could save on our fuel costs. Wood Burning Stove* Luckily DH was able to install it which greatly reduced the cost. So far we haven’t had a problem sourcing wood & we’re using the […]